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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New design of tracking (scent) shoes for blood tracking training

United Blood Trackers ( recently introduced a new, original design of tracking (scent) shoes for blood tracking training. If you are new to this blog and blood tracking, read about tracking shoes device at

In case of regular tracking shoes the main source of scent for the tracking dog comes from deer hooves attached to the soles of special boots or sandals (Färhtenschuhe) by cleverly devised clamps. As the track-layer walks the track, the deer hoofs press into the ground leaving a scent line. The primary origin of the scent is the interdigital glands, one of which is situated between each pair of cloven hoofs. In a sense the scent trail resembles the track of a wounded deer, which has stopped bleeding externally, as it continues on its way to its final resting place. In actual hunting situations, wounded animals leaving no visible blood trace, are usually very difficult to find unless a trained tracking dog is available.

The new tracking shoes were designed and built by UBT members. They hold the entire leg including the tarsal gland. The leg pivots on a pin attached to the bracket that fits on your shoe. This bracket is a one size fits all and it held in place by an adjustable strap. This allows for a more natural positioning of the foot when it make contact with the ground. They are freezer safe.

To order the shoes go to UBT store and scroll down.

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