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Thursday, February 11, 2010

What do working dachshunds do in winter besides blood tracking? Part 2

Hunt squirrels (Teddy Moritz's pack of mini longs)

Hunt wild boars in Spain

Powder their faces with snow (Andy Pedersen's Ruby)

Work like a snow plow and make trails for other dogs (Joe Walter's Doc)

Roughhouse (Chris Surtee's Koa and Beau)

Run in the snow for the pure joy of it (Jim Willard's Aspen)

Learn how to drive and redecorate the cab (Andy Bensing's Arno)

Survive Snowmageddon 1 and 2 (Sherry Ruggieri's Auggie and Dixie in NJ)

Get ready for the polar expedition (Henry Holt's Bear)

Learn how to model fancy outfits (Sally Marchmont's Petey)

Watch TV (Vamba)

Get familiar with wild boars (pic from Lenka Faraislova)

Play ball in the snow (Sherry Ruggieri's Dixie)

Find foxes underground (John's Ahab)

Sleep and read (Vamba)

Pretend "I'm cold" to make Mommy feel needed (Susanne Hamilton's Buster)

Establish rank in the neighborhood pack (Chris Barr's Gerti)

Hunt rabbits (Bernie)

Help to shovel snow (Sherry Ruggieri's Auggie)

Reduce the squirrel population in Florida (Curtis Beers' Juju)

Haul snowshoers in Quebec (Theo)

Pick teeth


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