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Monday, March 8, 2010

Blood tracking leash and collar now sold by the United Blood Trackers

John and I get a lot of inquiries from handlers looking for a blood tracking leash and collar for their tracking dog. In the US it is not easy to get the specialized equipment so easily available in Europe, but this situation is changing. United Blood Trackers has started to carry the ten-meter tracking leash that comes in three colors. The leash is made from the unique very durable material that will not stretch, hold water or pick up briars as it slides along the ground. It cleans up very easily with just soap and water. This lead feels like leather but without all the leather drawbacks. There are two snaps available to choose from: one is a standard snap, and the other one is a super secure alligator snap.

Above - standard snap, below- alligator snap
The UBT store also carries a blood tracking 2-inch wide collar with a solid brass swivel. It comes in brown only. The edges of the collar are rounded. This collar is suitable for mid-and large sized dogs. A lighter 1.5-inch-wide collar for smaller breeds will be available soon. These items are available for online purchase at the UBT store. A big thank you to Ken Parker who has worked really hard on this project!

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