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Monday, March 22, 2010

In defense of blood tracking

This e-mail came to Deer Search, and it was not anonymous:
"Dear Sir/Madame:

I think your organizations tracking and killing of injured deer and beers is inhumane and very disappointing. New York State and many other states, have programs for trained and certified wildlife experts to rescue, rehabilitate, and release wild deer and bears. I will contact the State DEC, DEP, influential politicians, animal welfare organizations, etc. to express my strong disapproval of your organization. "

John's response to the letter was:

Mr. G....., you are certainly naïve. I am sure that you would like to outlaw hunting and let coyotes, automobiles and starvation control the over-population of deer. However, the abolition of hunting is not about to happen.

Deer Search tracks deer and bear with leashed tracking dogs only in cases when they have been injured by hunters or motorized vehicles and can not be found by other means. Would you prefer to let these animals die a slow, lingering death? At present there are no public services available to take wounded deer and bear on stretchers out of the woods to veterinary hospitals. Perhaps you would like to donate your time, muscle and fortune to this cause?

John and Joeri on the track of wounded deer

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