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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Steve Durocher and Whiskey - a blood tracking team from Quebec

Here are some photos of Steve Durocher with “Lapisterouge Whiskey Jack”, a wirehaired dachshund out of European FCI bloodlines. Steve is a member of ACCSQ Association des Conducteurs de Chiens de Sang du Québec (Association of Blood Tracking Dog Handlers in Quebec). The whitetail bucks are chevreuils, named after the much smaller deer of France.

When I saw Whiskey's pedigree, it brought many memories. When John and I went on the two-week trip to Germany and France in 1999, we saw two dogs that are in Whiskey's pedigree. Both were superb hunting dogs - Oberst von Rominten and Magot du Domain de Chambord. They both are Whiskey's great grandfathers. We have never met Whiskey in person, at least not yet, but in the pictures he looks beautiful and very correct.

Actually, we'll take a walk down the memory lane, and in a couple of days I will post our report from the 1999 trip. It was an important event that had a big impact on our breeding and introduction of new lines into the American gene pool of European wires.

It looks like Whiskey is going to be a father soon so if you are interested in his puppies, contact Steve at 819-353-1837 / 819-350-8803, He lives in Warwick, Québec, which is half-way between Montreal and Québec City, and he speaks English.

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