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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is going on in Berne?

It seems that the snow that we got three weeks ago is not going to go away...ever. Recently it has been quite warm, and today the temperature was around 50. But the two pictures taken yesterday and today show the amount of snow that is still around.

We have not seen any rabbit activity, and I really hope that we did not lose all the rabbits beacuse of too mcuh snow at the end of February. On a personal note, two weeks ago, while shoveling snow, I fell and hurt my knee and today was the first day when it felt OK again.

We both have been very busy. Three of our female dachshunds came in season at the same time so it is quite a challenge to manage all the dogs (we have five intact males). We are going to have two litters of pups this summer, and more info on this is posted at

John and I are working on the new book Dead On! Gun and Bow Hunting Tactics to Shooting, Tracking and Finding Deer, which is an expansion of the chapters 10-11 from the book on tracking dogs. This new, much shorter book is not going to deal with dogs and should be of interest to all deer hunters. It should be done soon, hopefully before puppies arrive.

I hope to be able to get away for few days and attend a couple of field trials in April and May, but because of the upcoming pups most likely I won't be able to make it to Trackfest in Michigan. John will be there for sure, and it looks like quite a few people will be coming.

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