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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Results of the 2010 Deer Search Blood Tracking Competition

Yesterday the Deer Search Blood Tracking Competition took place at Casperkill Game Club at Rhinebeck, NY. The competition was chaired by Bill Siegrist, and the judges were John Jeanneney, Roger Humeston Jr. and Gary Neal. This is Deer Search's annual event and its location rotates from year to year. Only members of Deer Search are eligible to participate, and dogs have a limit of one hour to finish the 800-1000 meter long track, which has to include three 90-degree turns. The track has to be 20-24 hours old. Last year the competition was hosted by the Western New York Chapter, and it was won by Tabitha von Munterkeit handled, owned and bred by Dale Clifford.

This year the competition was organized by the Founding Chapter. I could not be there because of my knee injury so this report is based on the feedback and pictures I got from the people present there (thank you!). Judging by the dogs' work and how hard they had to work, the conditions were tough, even though they "should be" good - some overnight rain, cool, grey and intermittent drizzle on the day of competition.

There were six entries; five of them were wirehaired dachshunds and one was German Shorthair Pointer. The dogs who passed were:

1. Eibe von Merreche handled and owned by Andy Bensing, Reading, PA, who won the competition with a perfect score of 100 points and Prize I.
The above is Eibe's GPS track, which I got from Andy. Great job Andy - congratulations to you and Eibe!

2. Mae Von Munterkeit, a two-year-old WHD owned and handled by Beth Shero, Paoughkeepsie, NY, who got the score of 92 points and PrizeI. Mae reached the end of track in 27 minutes, and Beth proved to be a very skilled and talented handler. You don't know how happy I am to see a young woman doing so well.

3. Thrird place went to Rio, a German Shorthair Pointer, owned and handled by Ron Hausfelder, East Bethany, NY, who got a score of 57 points and Prize III.

4. Tabitha Von Munterkeit handled, owned and bred by Dale Clifford, Hamburg, NY got 50 points and Prize III. This time Tabitha's dam, Sabrina, a winner of three previous competitions was clocked out.

The atmosphere and camraderie were great, and a number of people from the Founding Chapter of DSI came to watch and help. Here there are more pictures taken yesterday.

Upper row from the left: Ron Hausfelder, Tim Ryder, Pete Martin, John Jeanneney, Mike Garrity, Marc Niad, Dale Clifford. Below: Gary Neal, Roger Humeston, Beth Shero, John Robinson and Andy Bensing.

The successful dogs and handlers were: Rio and Ron Hausfelder, Mae and Beth Shero, Eibe and Andy Bensing, and Tabitha and Dale Clifford.
Gary Neal (Judge), Andy Bensing with Eibe, and John Jeanneney (Judge) who holds Assy Vom Bauwald Plaque Challenge Trophy to be held for one year by Andy (the owner of the highest scoring dog).

Andy with Assy Vom Bauwald Plaque Challenge Trophy
Beth Shero is receiving a DSI pewter pin awarded to all competition dogs with passing scores.
Ron Hausfeleder and Bill Siegrist, chairman of the competition

John Jeanneney, Beth Shero with Mae, and Beth's father John Robinson with Mariel, Mae's sister. Mariel was not entered in the competition as her handler Gentian Shero had to work on this day.

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