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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Curious coincidence and two litters with six puppies

We barely managed to recover from Keena's whelping when we had to assist Gilda with her whelping. Our females' cycles are synchronized and they come in heat at the same time. Last year Keena and Gilda whelped four days apart. This year their litters are three days apart.

Gilda von Moosbach Zuzelek bred to Joeri vom Nonnenschlag produced today four boys and two girls

So today Gilda whelped six puppies - four males and two females ranging in weight from 230 to 335 grams. Everybody is doing well.

Between Gilda and Keena, who both were bred to Joeri, we have 15 puppies - seven females and eight males. Last year we also raised Gilda and Keena's pups - 15 pups with the same gender ratio.

The funny coincidence is that today there was another litter whelped, on the other side of the Atlantic, in Germany. The breeding that produced Joeri was repeated by Rosi Bauersachs, and today Ilena vom Nonnenschlag whelped six puppies, also four males and two females. These pups are aunts and uncles to our puppies - the same date of birth, the same number and gender ratio!

In Germany Ilena vom Nonnenschlag with her six pups.

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Stan said...

Great news, and glad to hear everyone is doing fine! Thanks for taking the time to let us know! Now the fun begins!!