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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Off topic - The Johnny Cash Band

This blog does not stray from the topic of blood tracking dogs too often, but everybody needs a break once in a while. We needed a break from all our involvements in puppies and dogs, clubs, books, workshops etc so last night we went out to see  The Johnny Cash Band at the WAMC Linda Auditorium. I heard the band on our local NPR station and loved it. We both are huge fans of Johnny Cash music, and this was the next best thing to the real Johnny. Check it out when the band plays in your area. We highly recommend it as they are exceptionally good.


Teddy said...

Will watch for the group as Carl and I are also JC fans...thanks!

Stan said...

Nothihg wrong with a little R&R! If you're a Cash fan, I'm sure you saw "Walk the Line'--fantastic movie that gave me a lot of insight into JC's life.