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Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring field trialing season for young wirehaired dachshunds

I am way behind with posting information and pics about field trials that took place in May. I promise I will catch up soon, but I will try to do it in small doses. This is part I.

This great picture was sent to me by Beth Shero and was taken at Batavia field trials on the weekend of May 22-23. I was scheduled to judge there, but had to stay home because of Keena's whelping. The picture shows (from left): Gentian Shero with Mariel Von Munterkeit, Beth Shero with Mae Von Munterkeit  and Sara Stokoe Burr with Bentley (Poker von Moosbach-Zuzelek). Actually these young dogs are related as Mariel and Mae (sisters) are granddaughters of Sabina, who was Bentley's great-grandmother.This was a first field trial for Bentley, and on Sunday he placed 2nd in the open dog stake. On Saturday Genti and Mariel received a fourth place. On Sunday, Beth received a First place with Mae and the Best Open Stake, while Genti received a fourth place with Mariel. Genti, Beth and Sarah are Deer Search members and use their dachshunds for blood tracking. It is so great to see young people getting involved in deer tracking and field trials and appreciate dachshunds for their working qualities. BTW Genti, I like your t-shirt. Pink Floyd is my all time favorite band!

The above picture shows Sarah with Bentley and two Judges, John Robinson Sr. and Wayne Smith.

A couple of months ago Sarah sent some pictures of Bentley ( who is a brother of our Paika):

Sarah wrote in March: "Bentley truly loves the snow, which I didn't expected. I figured being so low to the ground he wouldn't enjoy the cold sensations on his sensitive underside...boy was I wrong! He jumps into the biggest snow banks head first and loves to carry snowballs around, he even tries to sneak snowballs into the house to eat! Just this afternoon Pat (my husband) took Bentley outside to help get some red squirrels out of our shed so he could shoot them with the BB gun because they are destroying the interior of the shed. Bentley had them flushed out and up a tree in seconds. He loves being outside, but he makes himself very comfortable in the house lounging on the couch too.

Since Sarah lives only 20 minutes from Batavia, I am sure that we will be able to see her and Bentley at the field trials in September.

Going back to field trials, I am going to share more pics of the Sheros with with their wires::



Also congratulations are in order to Laurel Whistance-Smith whose Lykke Von Lowenherz, our Joeri's daughter, finished her field championship this spring.


Good going Lykke!

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