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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trying to catch up - a short update

I did not mean to abandon the blog for a week but life got just too busy. This is just a short update, and in the coming week I am going to expand on some of the items.

1. We are raising two litters of puppies, and they are 4.5 and 4 weeks old - 14 puppies total. Right now they are going through a gradual process of weaning, which in Gilda's pups case might need to be sped up. Today Gilda has been sick and most likely she will be going to a vet tomorrow morning. She was not up to being with pups today at all. I will post more on this on our puppy journal tomorrow -

2. John spent three and half days at the North American Teckel Club events at Rockaway, NJ, and I was there on Sunday showing Paika at their Zuchtschau. Her conformation was rated as "excellent". I took a lot of pictures at the show and will do a separate post on this event as soon as I can.

3. John's new book Dead On! Deer Anatomy and Shot Placement for Bow and Gun Hunters. Tracking Techniques for Wounded Whitetails is finally done and was submitted to a printer a week ago. Tomorrow we are going to get a proof, and if we accept it, the book will be ready for printing and distribution really soon.

4. Two weeks ago Mariel von Munterkeit owned by Beth and Gentian Shero was bred to our Billy. Again we will write more about the upcoming puppies when we know that Mariel is pregnant.


Stan said...

We know you are busy, and will update when you can. Thanks.
Hope Gilda comes around quickly!

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Thanks Stan! Gilda is doing much better today. She responded well to antibiotic we started to give her yesterday after consultation with our vet. Hopefully she will continue to improve.