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Monday, June 7, 2010

Why should you attend a blood tracking workshop such as a UBT Trackfest

Based on the feedback we have received, the UBT Trackfest 2010 was a great success. When I read some of the e-mails, I thought it would be a good idea to list benefits a handler gains from attending a blood tracking workshop such as a UBT Trackfest. Here is the list that I put together with help from borntotrack yahoo group:

1. Meeting and networking with other people who have similar interests
2. Opportunity to learn from "experts" who have done it for a long time
3. Getting hands-on training experience for a handler/dog team
4. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of both handler and dog that can be incorporated into future training plans
5. Opportunity to see and evaluate blood tracking equipment and purchase merchandise
6. Opportunity to meet your dog's relatives
7. Getting motivated and inspired
8. Gaining a better perspective, seeing a larger picture that goes beyond a handler's own situation
9. Having fun
10. Socializing your dog

I am sure that the list is not complete.

Don Dickerson who was instrumental in finding superb facilities for the Trackfest 2010 wrote:

This was my first Trackfest and I had no idea what to expect. I can tell you unequivocally that I was blown away, in a very positive sense by the whole event. The Trackfest team (listed in alphabetical order) of Andy Bensing, Cheri Faust, Larry Gohlke, John Jeanneney and Al Wade each brought their own specialized expertise, experiences and opinions, they did a fantastic job. I was especially impressed with the amount of hard work, organization and planning that goes into a Trackfest weekend. Not to mention the amount of equipment, supplies and of course blood. I not only learned numerous things about tracking , I think more importantly, I learned how much I don't know. If would have taken me years, through the process of trial and error, to learn what I learned in one weekend. I especially enjoyed meeting the other participants, sharing tracking stories and comparing notes about dogs and tracking. Thank you all for coming to Marshall and thank you for being so willing to share your knowledge. For anyone that has not been to a Trackfest, I strongly urge you to do so in the future, it is very well worth it. Working with and meeting good people you have so much in common with was the best.

Don, thank you for everything you have done!

A sample of other comments says it all:

1. Special thanks to Cheri Faust, John Jeanneney, Andy Bensing, Larry Gohlke, and Al Wade for an awesome Trackfest 2010 in Marshall, MI! Also thanks to Don Dickerson for securing a beautiful farm for the event. It was everything I'd hoped it would be. It was so hard to get to know everybody in 3 days, I could have easily stayed a few more. It was still a fantastic learning experience.
Chris Barr

2. I also appreciate the high level of instruction and unselfishness. The weekend could not have been better. What better group could there be than a combination of dog people and deer hunters. Thank you very much!
Pat McCaffrey

3. The weekend did prove to be incredible! Meeting others, having the ‘Billy reunion’, getting the expertise of the UBT folks that put the weekend together, getting the benefit of the practice tracks, and all of the fun we had as a group. I certainly came away with an agenda of tasks to reinforce Greta’s and my relationship in the field and work on the black dot problem. The weekend provided clarity and direction and I can hardly wait until the next Trackfest. Thanks to all who put the weekend together and all of those who made the commitment to come and be a part of a great learning experience.
Susie Gardner

4. Yes indeed, and thank you for putting this seminar on! Although Kathy, Ruby and I could only make it Saturday, it was v nice to meet everyone and put faces behind the names. I really appreciate the advice and friendly atmosphere, a good time was had by all...
Andy Pedersen

5. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the UBT members involved in organizing and executing the 2010 tracking event. Training hunting dogs is not new to me. However, I have learned a great deal from your individual experience. It was also a pleasure getting to know each of you. It is exciting to have new tools in the form of knowledge to train my dog to a higher level. (...) I personally have a high regard for the UBT and will always speak well of you club.  Thank you again for all the helpful advice,
Aaron Kenstler

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Stan said...

Sounds like a great experience--hope to attend someday!