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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blood tracking is coming to Iowa!

So far this summer has been like no other summer that I remember. Hot, hot, hot! When it comes to the weather the heat has been sweltering, day after day. These conditions are not conducive to blood tracking training, and even some early mornings and late evening are plainly too hot and humid to do any training at all.

But enough about the weather. This summer has been also hot in terms of progress being made towards the legalization of blood tracking in several important deer hunting states. It looks like last week there was a breakthrough in Iowa and blood tracking will be becoming legal there in 2011.

Last Thursday two United Blood Trackers members Brian Hibbs and Patt McCaffrey did a presentation to the Iowa Natural Resource Commission  to support the leashed dog tracking petition that they had submitted earlier. The response was very positive, and the NRC Board voted unanimously to move forward with the rulemaking process. This is a huge step forward. Congratulations to Brian and Pat as it looks like their hard work and commitment are paying off.

We also wish good luck to Brian whose wirehaired dachshund Scout is expecting and will be whelping soon. For more  information about legalization of blood tracking in Iowa or Scout's puppies contact Brian directly at cell 319-430-8065 or


Trink said...

Good Morning from Texas! I am the other half of "Jeff Prater" listed on your tracking services! I just discovered your blog! My blog is not near as interesting as yours but I am so glad I discovered it. I live and serve :), 2 wire haired dachsunds, Trapper and Roscoe! I will never never tire of watching this breed work!!!!

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Hi Trink,
Welcome to our blog! I am glad that you found us. Trapper and Roscoe are our Sabina's grandsons and part of our teckel family. How are they doing?
Actually our real fun blog is our puppy journal at

Trink said...

Hi Jolanta,

They are doing great and we are looking forward to another Texas deer season with them! The puppies blog is wonderful! Beautiful back drop in the pictures!!!!