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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blood tracking puppies at different stages of development

Not much blood tracking is going on, except for puppy training and conditioning. Our two litters of puppies are around eight weeks old, and their progress and development is covered by our "other" blog at

At eight weeks puppies require a lot of attention. They are fully independent of their moms, and they need to be exposed to other dogs. At every meal we bring 2-3 puppies to our kitchen, where we also have two adult puppy-friendly dogs. Right now puppies are learning very rapidly, and our challenge is to provide enriched and stimulating environment. This is why this blog does not get updated as often as it used to be - these days we spend a lot of time with the pups.

Yesterday we had visitors - Beth and Gentian Shero, who brought their two wires Mariel and Mae with them. Our pups have not been vaccinated yet so we did not let them to have contact with Mariel and Mae, but they enjoyed playing with Beth and Gentian.

Beth with puppies

Then we sat outside in the shade and talked while pups explored the surroundings. It was good to see Mae, and especially Mariel, who was bred to our Billy on June 8. With her belly getting rounder she is showing definite signs of pregnancy, and she should be whelping in three and a half weeks. To learn more about Mariel contact Beth at or go to

Pregnant Mariel

On Monday, July 12, another batch of puppies was started. Susie Gardner of Buckeye Outfitters of Ohio brought her Greta (Melodie v Moosbach-Zuzelek) for breeding to Joeri. Greta, who is three years old, has turned out to be an outstanding tracking dog. We are happy to see her being bred and having a chance to pass her talent to the next generation of trackers. To get more info on her search this blog for Greta. You can contact Susie about upcoming puppies at 330-260-7725, but I think that her waiting list might be full.

 Great and Joeri while tied


abensing said...

Hey! When did this blog start showing soft porn? Who decided to cover the good parts with their leg?

Stan said...

Billy + a Bobcat Tracking Bitch should make some super pups!

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

LOL... Blame Susie for that!