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Monday, July 12, 2010

Wirehaired dachshund puppies bred for blood tracking

It looks like there is not going to be a shortage of wirehaired dachshunds bred out of European hunting bloodlines. In this post we are announcing two litters, but there will be at least two more.

1. First litter has been bred by Gentian and Beth Shero, who live in Poughkeepsie, NY. Those who read this blog on regular basis must be familiar with Beth and Gentian, both Deer Search members and DEC licensed deer trackers. They own two females, sisters, who have been bred by Dale Clifford, out of a  Jessie von Moosbach-Zuzelek aka Sabrina. According to my records Sabrina won the Deer Search's blood tracking competition three times. She was bred to Henri Anons imported and owned by Duane Bush, and this breeding produced Mariel and Mae Von Munterkeit. on June 8 Mariel was bred to our Billy. You can read about Billy at

This litter should produce really nice looking and talented blood tracking prospects. Puppies are expected around August 9. If you are interested, contact Gentian and Beth directly at For more information about Mariel go to Beth and Gentian's website at The below picture of Mariel was taken on June 20 at the NATC Zuchtschau, where she received a "very good" rating.

2. The second litter is expected by Brian Hibbs from Iowa. His female Scout (Kenwood Wurzel Hessenjaeger x Nimara von Eikebrook) was bred to FC Attila von Moosbach-Zuzelek "Bear". Bear was bred by us and is owned by Henry Holt from Illinois. You can read about Bear (who is a very accomplished dog and an older brother to Billy) at Below is Scout's picture.

For information about this litter contact Brian directly at cell 319-430-8065 or

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