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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The big buck that got away from Quella

News from David Bell from Ohio who owns a five-month-old Quella (a 2010 Joeri/Keena daughter)

Quella found another deer and this time it was a big buck, but it was still alive and well.  The track was 20 hours long and around 300  yards.  This buck was hit with a Rage through the back leg and took us for a nice stroll through the woods, across a gravel drive, across a creek, along a fence for a while before jumping it. The deer veered to the fence and back into the woods around 5 times before it jumped it.  I questioned Quella a few times to find out that she was dead on.  We finally reached a field where we jumped the bedded monster, watching him bound away through the woods.   I was very happy with Quella today as she made me very proud once more to own her.

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