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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blood tracking dogs in action

I am trying to catch up with pictures and reports of deer and other big game recovered by blood tracking dogs. Since last saturday We have been very busy tracking and have not had time to write about our own recent tracking adventures. Some stories should be coming soon though....

We welcome your reports and pictures! If  you submit a picture for the blog, we'd really appreciate if you could give us some information about the track (how long, how old etc). To have this background info makes the picture so much more interesting.

This e-mail came from Mikki Vlach from Nebraska whose husband Marty tracks with Charlie. Charlie is an old Drahthaar, who by now must be around 12 years old. We wrote about Charlie before.

John and Jola -

Just thought you would like to know that Charlie and Marty are still at it! Marty shot this deer a week ago and old Chuck helped him recover it. It was quite a struggle for Charlie but his heart is still in it and Marty just can't retire him.

Marty Vlach and Charlie. It is good to hear that Charlie is still tracking.
Mike Martien, a United Blood Trackers member from Louisiana writes in the letter to Laurel Whistance-Smith about his dachshund Waldo. Waldo was bred by Laurel, and his sire is our FC Asko von der Drachenburg and his dam is FC Lutra von Löwenherz.

Our Waldo is doing fabulous! As he has matured, he has really gotten methodical on his tracking lines and is really working lines nicely. We’ve only been called out on one recovery so far this season (which opened Oct 1st), but Waldo did an excellent job in staying focused and working slowly. Last year I purchased a registered Labrador Retriever that is out of some of the same pedigree as Alan Wade’s dog, Scout. We’ve been working with him a good bit and I’m seeing the same type of “over eager” tracking that I saw in Waldo when he was just a pup, but I am making some headway in making him focus more. My hope is to have the Lab on a Garmin Astro collar (where permitted) and to mainly bring him in when a baying situation may be needed and a small dog on lead may not be the best choice. Waldo is so methodical in his working of lines that he will certainly remain as my “go to” tracker in tough situations where visible evidence doesn’t exist or lines are cold.

My family and I have been overjoyed with Waldo and he has really become such an integral part of the family. He’s a very smart dog and even alerts us when the kiddos are doing something they shouldn’t.  I just wanted to send you a quick update and hope to share some more finds with you in the near future. We are thinning does this weekend on our lease with bows, so he may get to log some more finds between now and Monday. I’ve attached two pictures of Waldo with this most recent find and the hunter. As you will see in the pictures the deer was shot at a bad angle and the shot exited a bit far back.

Waldo owned by Mike Martien is a shorthaired dachshund out of wire parents. The picture shows Waldo with a hunter.
 I see that you have another litter and I hope all is well with them as well. Waldo’s smooth coat really serves us and him nicely in these warm temps in the south, and if you or someone you know ends up with another smooth in a litter, with good possibilities, please keep me in mind and let me know. We’ve been so pleased with Waldo that we might be interested in acquiring another. These little dogs are great and I’m forever grateful to you and the Jeanneneys for getting Waldo placed with me! Waldo certainly has developed quite a reputation here in North Louisiana!

Mike Petrillose from Burnt Hills, NY wrote on the United Blood Trackers message board:

Cooper helper hunter Grant Palmer find his bow shot deer, we tracked it through 3/4 of a mile of thorn bushes. I'm all cut up. No blood, I only saw two spots and then found it next to a stream and put it down. John Jeanneney called me to take this call and he said he though it was a gut shot and he was right. Good call John. This was the second time I've tracked for this hunter the last time we hit posted land and I had to pull Cooper. This time it ended with a find.
Mike Petrillose's Cooper (Bavarian Mountain Hound) found this gut-shot deer for Grant Palmer.

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