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Friday, October 8, 2010

A gut-shot deer found four days after the shot

When John referred this call to Mike Garrity from Deer Search, he thought that it was very likely that the deer was dead. Mike and his wirehaired dachshund Wolfie found the buck four days after the shot. This is what Mike wrote:

Mike Garrity with Wolfie who air scented the four-day-old decomposing buck.
It took all of 10 minutes for Wolfie to air scent this large 9 point buck, shot on Saturday, October 2, the second day of the Long Island bow season. Unfortunately, they had to call in the dogs 4 days later due to a gut shot. The hunter Howie Habberstad, and partner Kate are seen pictured with Mike Garrity and his dachshund Wolfie.  Expectations were low for a blood line search due to a substantial rain storm the day before. Apparently the deer made his way back, close to where he was shot near a corn field some time after the initial search. The horns were salvaged and a cape will be provided by taxidermist Dave at Fish and Wildlife Unlimited in Bohemia. It will be another in a long line of impressive trophies for Howie. Also present was Louie Dibiase and his terrier Hunter.
Mike with Wolfie and Louis Dibiase with Hunter.
PS. Wolfie was bred by Dale Clifford; he is out of Jessie v Moosbach-Zuzelek "Sabrina" and Henri Anons.

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