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Monday, October 11, 2010

Joeri's family of German "vom Nonnenschlag" teckels

A week ago or so I received a very nice e-mail from Anne and Rosi Bauersachs with an update about their dogs. Rosi is a breeder of our FC Joeri vom Nonnenschlag. Joeri is now two and a half years old and never looked better.
FC Joeri vom Nonnenschlag in October 2010.

Anne wrote:
Last week my mother went to the Schweißprüfung (blood tracking test). Unfortunately, the weather was really bad. It was a very rainy week. It was a special Schweißprüfung (20 hours), she had to go with Jette on her own. The judges showed her only the starting point. They had 90 minutes to find the deer. They arrived there after 85 minutes and felt really relieved. Roswitha also participated with Isidor in the 40-hour-Schweißprüfung. Altogether five teckel participated. But only two dogs passed the Schweißprüfung - Jette and Isidor. Isidor was the winner of the 40-hours-part and Jette the winner of the 20-hours-part! After the tracking everyone had to change the complete clothes because rain was so heavy. Enclosed you find the report of the day.

Anne, many thanks for the pictures and report. And congratulations on the "vom Nonnenschlag" dogs great performance in the difficult conditions. We are familiar with the blood tracking test "without a judge" and wrote about on our blog. For more info on the test without judge click here.

By the way, Isidor vom Nonnenschlag (Fw: V LZ: BSS 2007, GS 2009, , Sfk, Sp, SchwhK, SchwhK/F, SchwhK/40, SchwhN, Vp, BhFK95, BhFN, Wa.-T, InterVp, SchwPoR, BHP-G) is Joeri's uncle, and he is owned by Roswitha Eckstein. Roswitha handled Isidor in 2007 at the Blood Tracking Championship in Chorin, where he got a very prestigious title of Bundessuchensieger with the Prize I, 100 point performance.

Isidor, Joeri's uncle, won a 40-hour blood tracking test on Sept. 25. He was handled by Roswitha Eckstein. 
Justus, Joeri's brother, and Isidor, Joeri's uncle

Jette vom Nonnenschlag, Joeri's sister, won a 20-hour blood tracking test on Sept. 25. She was handled by Rosi Bauersachs.

Rosi Bauersachs repeated the mating that in 2008 produced Joeri, Jette and Justus twice in subsequent years. In 2009 Ilena had a "K" litter and in 2010 the same combination produced a "L" litter. The next two pictures show Lenz, who is Joeri's younger brother.

Lenz vom Nonnenschlag

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