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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A tough buck recovered by Pete Martin and Lisa from Deer Search

Pete Martin, a Deer Search member, shared with us his Sunday track. Pete's tracking partner is Lisa v Moosbach-Zuzelek), who is a five and a half year old daughter of FC Gela von Rauhenstein and FC Billy von Moosbach-Zuzelek.
Congratulations to Pete Martin and Lisa on finding this nice buck!
On Sunday, October 17, I got a call from a hunter that I tracked for last year. He arrowed a nice eight pointer at 10 am the day before. Lisa and I started tracking at 11:45 am, 25+hrs later. The hunter stated good shot placement, no arrow. We tracked to last blood, and Lisa made hard left down and out of woods into field. I could see she was making her way towards gut pile from a previously shot deer the same morning whose blood trail crossed ours. After the restart we picked up new blood from 75 yds. or so. She missed a right turn at that point and continued on for another 100 yds before the second restart. She picked up the track from there and took us right to the live bedded deer, opening the last 50 yds.

Hunter put another arrow in deer, but the buck got up, trotted uphill 75 yds, and bedded again. We tracked to the deer again 15 minutes later and found him looking at us like a picture on a calendar. The third arrow proved to be too much but he did get up and go another 50 yds. This deer had a lot of will. The initial shot pierced one lung and liver.

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