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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tracking wounded deer with Tom Munoz and Meg from Alabama

Jolanta and John,
We always love to read your posts. It's amazing how busy the dachshunds have been. Meg and Tom from Alabama have also been busy.

On October 15 Adam and Pastor Don (his73-year-old Grandfather) were hunting. Adam shot this 9 pointer. Meg tracked this deer for 400 yards. They were delighted. On the way back to the car on the 4 wheeler, Don driving and Tom as the passenger, the 4 wheeler flipped on a steep hill. Tom broke his finger so off to the hospital.
Pastor Don, Adam and Tom Munoz with Meg
A few days later on October 21 Cory, a hunter that had called us in past, called to let us know he gut shot a 4 pointer. Meg got right on track once we let her go with the gps. Once she bayed the deer Cory was ready with a 22 to dispatch the deer.
Cory, Tom and Meg
On October 23 Dewey and his friend Shane called Tom for help in finding a 10 pointer. Meg followed the trail for about 350 yards. She went into a wall of briars. After a couple of minutes we heard Meg barking and then whimpering. Tom decided to go in and check on her. When we arrived Meg was 10 feet from the wounded deer. The deer saw us and bolted. Meg seemed fine so we walked back out of that area.

Tom wanted to call the hunt off. No one had a gun and he was concerned for Meg. As we talked about it Meg snuck off and returned to the briars a little farther down from where we were. After a couple of minutes she started barking again, and Tom decided to go in  again. The hunters went around to the other side hoping the buck would come out and give them another bow shot. Tom found Meg 15 feet from deer. The deer was on the ground but kept picking up his head. Tom jumped on the deer and called for the hunter to come and help him. The hunter tore through the briars with knife in hand and dispatched the deer. Tom realized later that what he had done was foolish but said he was concerned for Meg and felt that the deer was giving up. The hunter wrote us this note afterwards "Thanks for turning a good hunt into a great memory. PS tell Meg I love her. Thanks so much."  Whats funny is that we feel the same way. Take a look at picture you can see the hunters arms all cut up.

Tom Munoz and Dewey.
Well hope you enjoy the stories. I'm sure you have heard them all by know.
 Tom and Jackie Munoz

Tom and Jackie,
Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us. They sound almost too exciting!

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