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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two more bucks recovered by Pete Martin and Lisa!

It has been only 12 days from the opening of bow season in our zone of NY, but Pete Martin, a member of Deer Search, has already recovered 6 deer with his wirehaired dachshund Lisa (a 2005 Billy/Gela daughter). Obviously, there is a tremendous need for services of blood tracking dogs.

October 24, 2010
Hello Jola & John,
There seems to be an abundance of 8 pointers in my area this year. Either that or the hunters are being more selective. On October 23 at7:20 am this deer took an arrow from a fellow I succesfully tracked for last year. There was good blood for 220 yds. through hardwoods into an open grassy field. He made a hard left towards a large shallow pond surrounded by thick brush, swamp grass and saplings. He bedded down for who knows how long before leaving and making a dash to the edge of the pond where Lisa found him. A pretty easy track for her even after 27 hr. old trail. Completed in about 1/2 hr. Scenting conditions were good.

October 25, 2010
This is by far the largest racked big bodied deer Lisa and I had the pleasure to find. Interesting story. On October 24 at 5:15 pm the hunter shot this deer from his tree stand, broadside at 36 yds. in open field.
Deer trotted off into a very thick old moist swamp 75 yds. away. the hunter knew he had a front shoulder hit and  didn't like the deer's nonchalant reaction as he watched him meander through the thick stuff. Hunter fiound 19" of back half of arrow 5 yds away. First smear of blood was found 25 yards in. From there blood was hard to come by but hunter marked it for another 30-40 yards and that was it. He thought that the crashes ahead of him were coming from his deer and he backed off for the night.
Next day at  noon we took up the track. And track we did in balmy 72 degree weather for 3 1/2 hrs. Nothing. With hope fading and making our way back towards our vehicles Lisa nearly yanked the lead out of my hand when she took a quick sharp left into an overgrowth of mixed weeds and grasses; 30 yards. away lay one of the biggest 8 pointers I ever saw.
The buck ended up about 700 yds from hit site. We walked right past him on the way out. If it wasn't for Lisa's nose we would have kept right on going. The deer was indeed hit right in the shoulder bones but the broadhead clipped arteries and front part of one lung before logding into far side shoulder.
Of special notice was that this deer was shot 2 days prior by the hunter's buddy right through the "dead area" between the spine and top of ribs midway along the length of his body.When we found him, he wasn't stiffened up.

Congratulations to Pete and Lisa! What a great job you have been doing.

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