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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wirehaired dachshund puppies out of European bloodlines

Update: for the current listing of puppies out of hunting/tracking bloodlines click here.
Currently there are four litters of wirehaired dachshund puppies bred out of European hunting bloodlines. They all have been sired by our stud dogs, and dams often go back to our breeding. The list shows litters arranged in a descending order:  from oldest pups to youngest. In total 16 boys and 8 girls were born.

Often we get a question "which gender is better for blood tracking". The gender really does not matter, it all depends on an individual dog. For John's thoughts on this issue click here.

Beth and Gentian Shero from Poughkeepsie, NY , 845-656-3000,
4 males, 2 females born August 8; one male is available

Susie Gardner from Ohio, (740) 254-9156 or (330) 260-7742,  
5 males, 1 female born September 14

Susie Gardner's puppies two weeks ago
 • Laurel Whistance-Smith from Ontario  705-277-9183
2 males, 2 females born October 2

Gail Berger from PA 610-310-6835,
5 males, 3 females born October 14

Gail Berger's pups

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