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Monday, June 6, 2011

What dog breeds were present at Trackfest?

Before I start writing about all the actyivities we had at Trackfest, it might be interesting to mention what dog breeds were present there. According to my count there were twelve standard wirehaired dachshunds on the grounds, five Bavarian Mountain Bloodhounds, three Labrador retrievers, two Blue Lacys, one Wachtelhund, one mix breed Corgi/German shepherd, two Grand Bleu de Gascogne Hounds. here they are:

Gus is a young wirehaired dachshund owned by Brian Reisner from Michigan

Rilla is also a wirehaired dachshund; she is one year old and she is owned by Stan Kite from New Jersey

Scout, a chocolate Labrador retriever, is a very experienced tracker owned by Al Wade from Alabama

Mirko, a young Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound imported from Germany, is owned by Ken Parker from Georgia

A four-month-old Grand Bleu De Gascogne is owned by John Meister and Kari Goza from Tennessee

A super achiever Rosie (yellow Lab) is owned by JJ Scarborough from Georgia

Caliber is a Wachtelhund and he is owned by Dr. Brady Hensington from Missouri

Lucie owned by Earl (Pat) Patterson from Louisiana is a corgi/shepherd mix

Lucy, a Blue Lacy, is owned by Mike Lopez from Idaho

Another Blue Lacy - Oak - is owned by Chris Morris from Michigan

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