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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mike Martien and Waldo - a tracking team from Louisiana

Mike Martien, a United Blood Trackers member from Louisiana wrote:

Hello! Hope all is well with you! Things are still hot and dry down here in Louisiana! Our season has begun and thought I’d share this email and pictures with you. Waldo found this little boy’s deer with basically no blood for the first half of the track. Just thought I’d share as Waldo continues making kids happy one at a time…  Take care! One of the pictures is of the shooter (which was the little boy), and the little boy’s Dad (holding Waldo – not me). Just wanted to point out that I wasn’t in any of these pictures, as my looks didn’t change that much and I CERTAINLY haven’t lost any weight… LOL

Waldo was bred by Laurel Whistance-Smith, and he was sired by our Asko von der Drachenburg.

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