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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Future hunters and blood trackers

Sorry for not posting much, but with John gone to Trackfest in Mississippi and two young Czech puppies here, I have my hands full. Today we are going to try to catch up with the incoming information on young dachshunds.

This is Willette Brown with her four-week-old puppies out of her FC Quilla von Velbert. From the left: CeeCee, Chip, Carly, Cheeka. One female is still available to working home. Contact Willette at Willette lives in Maine, but she is spending this winter in Florida, and this is where the pups are right now.

Joe Walters sent this picture of his friend Ray Holohan with his new puppy. The pup's name is Razen Kane and she is going to be a tracking dog for Ray's wife Claudia. Razen Kane was sired by Rosco owned by Ray, and she was bred by Brian Hibbs from Iowa. Brian is expecting another litter this spring. For more information go to Brian's website at

Amazing how quickly these puppies are growing. The ten pups are being raised by Rick McCollum from Greenbrier, Arkansas. The picture was taken few days ago, when pups were just over three weeks old.

The dam of this huge litter is "Anna" (Diestel von Moosbach-Zuzelek), who proved to be an excellent mother.  The pups are sired by Fred (Fidget von der Bismarck-Eiche) who was imported from Germany and lives in Neosho, MO. Two male puppies are still available to working homes, and for more info contact Rick at

Puppies have been introduced to solid food.

We had no snow this winter for three months, and then on Feb 29-March 1 we got 9 inches of the heavy wet stuff. The pups imported from the Czech Republic, Mielikki and Macaria, played on the grass one day, and then next day they had to use our SUV's tire tracks to move around in the snow.

Tomorrow Macaria (right) is flying to her new home in Utah, and Mielikki is going to stay here. At 12 weeks Mielikki is 8.5 lbs and Macaria is 9.5 lbs.

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MTWaggin said...

Ahh puppy picture heaven! That litter of 10 is amazing but my favorites - YUP, those last 2 of your new kids in the snow.