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Friday, March 23, 2012

Information on the upcoming wirehaired dachshund puppies

We are expecting two litters to be whelped soon. For this reason we revived our puppy journal, where we will be posting updates on our own puppies. The puppy journal is at We heard from quite a few people who enjoy the journal even though they might not be interested in buying a puppy, but they like to watch puppies' development and follow their progress. Welcome back!

Tootsie is expected to whelp in a week. She was bred to our Billy.
Also we updated a page with the information on "other" puppies. In the past we used to list all the litters bred by others out of European bloodlines. With the spread of blood tracking dachshunds and their rising popularity the time has come for us to give here a higher priority to dachshunds sired by our males or related to our lines. We still will be referring buyers to other breeders, but we have to give more help to the breeders who use our males and bloodlines in their own breeding. To see the current listing click here.

Gypsy was bred to Billy ten days ago.

Two buddies from New Hampshire with their tracking dachshunds. On the left Michael Lafleur holds Ted, who was bred by Gail Berger and was sired by our Billy - see
On the right Ray Maurier with Tucker out of the S litter from 2011. More info on Ray's guiding business


Lindsjö taxar said...

I liked your puppy journal last time. You take great pictures too of them...Hope we will have a litter with Tyra this year, cant wait because it was a nice time.

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Thanks Majron! I hope that you will be able to breed Tyra this year and will have a lot of lovely puppies.

MTWaggin said...

Oh oh! A puppy journal! Your pictures are always so fun but I think that could be way hard on my "puppy fever"! LOL Look forward to it!