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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ken Parker's Mirko passes a VSwP 20-hour blood tracking test

This past weekend Ken Parker (member of the UBT Board of Directors)  ran his Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound Mirko vom Jagersgrund  in a VSwP 20-hour blood tracking test, which took place in Aberdeen, North Carolina.  The line was a little over 22 hrs old and 1100 meters (.68 miles). According to regulations no more than 1 cup of blood was used. Ken could not see any blood anyway as it rained hard when the line was prepared and then again the night before the test.

Mirko completed the track in a little over 20 minutes with no call backs and received Prize I. The judges were: Forrest Moore from Ga, Lynn Whitely from Utah and Fred Turjan from Pa. 

For more information about Ken Parker and Bavarian Mountain Bloodhounds go to

Congratulations to Ken and Mirko!

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