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Monday, March 26, 2012

Randy Vick's successful 2011/2012 tracking season

We wrote about Randy Vick and his blood tracking dogs quite a few times before.  Randy is a member of the United Blood Trackers. His primary tracking dog this year was Annie, a seven-year-old Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur (Osteen's Yellow Anne). He was also working with his young Drahthaar puppy. Randy ran into some problems with his Bavarian Lil' Brown, and we hope this is just a temporary situation. In his e-mail Randy also refers to JJ Scarborough's Lab Rosie. I had a chance to meet JJ and Rosie last year at Trackfest in Pocahontas. This last tracking season JJ went on 132 calls and he found 74 deer.

But let's go back to Randy's fantastic season:

"Our tracking season was busy and went well. No major injuries or health issues. Annie got hit while on the lead by a flailing doe, but she shook it off and recovered quickly. As this season ends here for Georgia, Florida and Alabama, I have logged 38 recoveries out of 95 legitimate tracks taken. That's about 40% success. We conformed another 9 misses and had 36 calls that we referred to others or were unable to attend.

I was able to handle J.J. Scarborough's Rosie on 9 tracks of which 3 were recoveries. I love that dog! My Drahthaar, Pepper, was able to find 1 deer in a heavy rain, when Annie was on strike because of the storm. In a storm Annie will bed down and refuse to work.

I posted here only a sample of pictures that Randy sent me. First 9 pictures show Annie and her handler Randy.

Randy Vick with JJ Scarborough's Rosie

Randy with his Drahthaar puppy Pepper

Congratulations Randy! What a great season!

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Samantha said...

Nice pictures Randy! I enjoyed meeting you and your wife at Trackfest(and Little Brown!)Best of wishes for the 2012 season