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Monday, April 23, 2012

Deer Search Blood Tracking Competition

Ellington, NY, April 21-22, 2012

 It was a tough weekend for most of the eight tracking dogs entered in the annual Deer Search Blood Tracking Competition. Only one dog, Buddy, a German Short-haired Point owned by Kevin Ulrich succeeded in completing one of the 1000 yard blood lines that had been laid 20 + hours before. Buddy did an outstanding job on his Sunday track, which was on the second day of the competition. Buddy has an excellent nose and desire; he is by nature and breed a fast-moving dog, and this was an advantage as he completed the 1000 yard line in 40 minutes and traveled much faster than any of the other dogs in the competition.

The problem for four of the five dachshunds entered was that they could not complete their lines within the one hour of time allotted by the rules. Although they were making  progress and staying on the rained-out blood line, the judges  had to “clock them out” and eliminate them from the competition. Under the rather difficult scenting conditions the slower, closer-working dachshunds did not move fast enough.

The three judges were Craig Frank, Ron Hausfelder and John Jeanneney.  They awarded Buddy  a Prize I, 92 points, which made him the competition winner as well as the only qualifying dog.

It should be added that Gary Huber’s Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound  was doing an excellent job until she wind-scented another  deer skin 100 yards upwind of the line. It had been left there accidentally on the previous day. Once Beya had found “her” deer, she lost interest in working to find it all over again.

Kevin Ulrich with Buddy, the winner of the competition.
From left: John Jeanneney (Judge) with Buddy, Ron Hausfelder (Judge), Kevin Ulrich, Craig Frank (Judge).
 Submitted by John Jeanneney

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Kristy Alex said...

Congratulations Kevin and Buddy, too! Though the weekend was tougher for tracking but you guys are looking very happy> Hope you've enjoyed the competition completely. Keep going on.
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