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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Moby, a mini longhaired dachshund extraordinaire

A year ago a longhaired miniature dachshund Moby won Deer Search Blood Tracking Competition, but today we are reporting on one of his recoveries that made a real impact.

Chester, Moby's owner and handler, shared with us this e-mail he had received from Caryn Prouty, a young deer huntress, on November 5, 2011. To read Caryn's story you have to go to the link provided at the end of her e-mail. It is a very interesting read.

"Hi Chester,
I want to take a minute to sincerely thank you for what you do and what you did for me on November 4th. I can't stop thinking about yesterday and I don't think I will stop for a long while and it was all thanks to you and your extraordinary dog Moby. I hope I am spelling that right? The service that you and Deer Search provide to the community is amazing. The fact that you volunteer your time to come help strangers find their deer amazes me. You must truly have a love of the sport that runs deep in order to do this. Watching Moby work was a treat. I had no idea that dachshunds had such a great nose and it was awesome to see how happy he is doing his job!

In the end, Moby's kisses warmed my heart and the joy I felt seeing my buck for the first time are irreplaceable. We couldn't have done it without you!

I have attached some pictures. I do a little bit of photography on the side and have a photography blog. You and Moby are featured on it at this link - click here!

Thank you again, I truly appreciate what you do!"

Caryn Prouty and Chester Swierk with Moby

Moby, a mini longhaired dachshund, is an excellent blood tracker.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

In Sweden most of the long haired dachshunds are trained on tracking.