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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another batch of tracking dachshunds expected to be born in 9 weeks

This is a busy year for our Billy. We just heard from Brigitte Walkey that her Penny, who was bred 4.5 weeks ago is pregnant. Yesterday Billy had a rendezvous with Pepper (Pepper Berger von Arno Yergz), who is a daughter of Arno von Gronenwald SW (our Sabina's grandson) and Kadie Hanne Yergz. Everything went really well and Billy and Pepper had a long natural tie.

Pepper was bred by Michael Yergz, and is owned by Gail and Art Berger from Pennsylvania. She is a big dog, and in many ways she reminds us of our Sabina, especially when it comes to her slow methodical tracking style. Billy and Pepper's union produced two successful litters in the past, and this will be their third and final litter. To read about their offspring on this blog click here and here.

Gail and Art Berger with their two dachshunds - Bee (left) and Pepper (right)
Pepper is not fond of camera so getting a good picture of her is not easy.

Pepper is a big dog at 24-25 lbs.
The two below pictures show Bee, a pup that the Bergers kept from Pepper's last litter. Now Bee is a year and a half old, and she weighs only 13 lbs. Her built is also very different from Pepper's - she is small, very agile, long-legged. She was born very tiny, and when Gail described her to me I was not sure whether she would make it. I was not sure about her future when I saw her at eight weeks. So when I watched her yesterday plowing through tall grass at our field with a lot of energy and determination I was thrilled. This is a hunting maniac, who even though is not used to hunt rabbits knew right away what to do when we let her to our enclosure. Highly active and persistent, she also opened on a rabbit.

A 13-pound Bee, bred and owned by Gail and Art Berger, is Billy and Pepper's daughter.

To get more information about this litter contact Gail at

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