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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Leashed blood trailing dogs approved by Utah

GREAT NEWS from Justin Richins from Utah, who wrote:

Utah just passed a leased tracking dog law. It was proposed at our RAC meetings and approved on Tuesday.

The wording is:
R657-5-15. Party Hunting and Use of Dogs
... (1) A person may not take big game for another person, except as provided in Section 23-19-1
and Rule R657-12.
(2) A person may not use the aid of a dog to take, chase, harm or harass big game. The use
of one blood-trailing dog controlled by leash during lawful hunting hours and within 72 hours of
shooting a big game animal is allowed to track wounded animals and aid in recovery.


1 comment:

Stan said...

Good...but you can't track at night (legal hunting hours only) ????