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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blood tracking dogs in the press; the situation in Pennsylvania

Recently there have been quite a few articles in the printed and online press on the subject of blood tracking dogs:

  •  The July issue of Dog World has an article by Darren Warner "Deer Detectives" on page 38. Darren Warner is a freelance outdoor writer, photographer and deer hunter from Michigan. The article is spread over four pages and contains numerous pictures, some of which we supplied. The Dog World has a section of extras online and there is a link to our video of Summer when she worked a line as a young puppy.

  • The August issue of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine has an article "A Nose For Deer" by Alan Clemons (page 33). It mentions United Blood Trackers.

Much has been written recently about the situation in Pennsylvania. The PA House Bill 881 was passed unanimously in the House  (197-0) on May 22. Things were looking really promising, but once the bill got to the Senate it got, unfortunately, referred it to the Game Fisheries Committee. The recent history of the bill can be viewed here. the below articles deal specifically with Pennsylvania.

  • Release the Dogs by was written by Ad Crable for Lanacaster Online and it was also published this week in Pennsylvania Outdoor News.

  • Two days ago Lancaster Online published another article This dog is on the right track by P.J.Reilly. The article is about Kevin Lutz from Columbia, PA and his wirehaired dachshund Archie (who happened to be sired by our Billy). Kevin, just like Andy Bensing, lives in PA but is not able to help fellow hunters there. He loves to track so he travels to Maryland.

  • Craig Dougherty dedicated his recent blog post on Outdoor Life website to the Pennsylvania situation. Its title is very appropriate: Pennsylvania Sportsmen Fight to Allow Tracking Dogs for Deer Recovery.

For more information about the battle in PA go to Deer Recovery of Pennsylvania.

Andy Bensing's wirehaired dachshund Eibe cannot be used for recovery of wounded deer in Pennsylvania, where it is illegal to track with dogs. Andy has to travel to Maryland to track there.


Texas hunting said...

Hope in future they will rethink on it.

MTWaggin said...

I do not understand why it is such a "problem" to allow blood tracking dogs. Best of luck to those fighting for it in Penn.