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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer training in retrieving for the two mini trackers from North Carolina

It was very good to hear from Samantha Allen who wrote recently:
I would like to give you a short update on the mini trackers (Ollie and Cabela). The weather here in North Carolina is starting to warm up pretty quickly. We are running practice tracks every few weeks to keep Ollie and Cabela in shape and in good practice for the up and coming hunting season. They both are doing very well with their training lines and they both have decided since the warm weather has hit that creek crossings are the best things ever now.
Cabela has been a little cautious of water since I got her in November but now that it is consistently around 85 degrees she quickly changed her opinion on getting wet. She does swim more like an otter than a dog and sometimes she worries me a little because she will actually twist and go under water. I am not sure if she is just a poor swimmer or this is her swimming method. I am pretty sure Ollie has fins on her somewhere! If there is a puddle Ollie is going to get in it. I find this very interesting seeing how they are both from the same litter but have such different personalities. I enjoy watching them and at some times find it funny how they react differently to the same situation.
In between tracking I decided to teach the girls a little about retrieving. I have purchased a few books and educated myself on retriever training. It is going pretty well and they really enjoy it. Just maybe I will have me some mini retrievers for dove season in September! We still have a lot of training if we are going to get to that point. Well I better get back to work!

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