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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Claudia and Razen: a future blood tracking team from Ashkum, Illinois

Some owners of tracking dogs never seem to be able to find time for dog training. And there are some handlers like Ray Holohan and his wife Claudia from Ashkum, Il, who are very serious about it and make it their priority. When a puppy with right genetics is given a proper training, the sky is a limit. Read this short report from Ray:
Hi Jolanta, hope all is well with you and John. Just thought I would give you a update on our new pup, Razen Kane, Rosco's daughter. I have been working with her since she was 10 weeks old, trying to lay a track once a week . She is about 7 months old now and shows great promise as a tracker. She has been successful on about every track that I have laid for her. My wife Claudia is her main handler but she will also track for me. We have done nighttime tracks, woodland tracks, prairie grass tracks, wetland tracks, and tracks in the rain. Most tracks are at least 24 hrs old, and range from a 1/2 to 3/4 mile long, using minimal blood, 2 to 3 oz. on most tracks. Her longest track has been 51 hours old, and she had no problem with it. She is a great little tracker.
I'm sending a picture of Razen and Claudia after their first blind track, which was a 1/2 mile long and only 6 hours old. I laid it and told them where the beginning was and to go and bring me the hide. It was a great training exercise for the both of them. They had to truly work as a team to pull it off. We have also ran both dogs on the same track at the same time letting Razen lead the way so that we can try it this season. Claudia will do daytime tracks alone but night time, I will have to go with her. We are both looking forward to a great tracking season this fall.
Best wishes and good luck,
Ray, Claudia, Rosco, and Razen Kane

Claudia Holohan with Razen after a successful completion of a training line.

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Stan said...

Very nice!
Love that "doxy crate" on the front of the 4 wheeler, too!