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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Max in the Cowlitz River: German wirehaired dachshund and his love of swimming and retrieving

So far this summer has been like no other. It is very dry here. So even though it is only mid-July, yellow leaves has been falling and grass is turning crispy brown. Days are hot and sunny, with temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s. Luckily nights are refreshingly cool. The water in our pond is very low, at the lowest level I have ever seen. The weather forecast does not predict any short term changes. Other parts of the United States suffer from even drier and warmer conditions.

Considering all this pictures of German wirehaired dachshund Max (Max von Bispingdorpe), who loves to swim and retrieve from the water, might serve us well. Max's owner, Uta Fehlhaber-Smith sent these pics with a note:

Just before Max got in a strong whirl in the pursuit of a large stick that had floated into that whirl. He made it out off it, an enormous physical challenge! The Cowlitz River is deep and fast and it curved a the place we were. The photos were shot by Laura Stutts.

Also I love the below video of Max, which Uta sent last fall. She said in her caption: The barking noise is from Luna, the hovawart, who is an excellent water retriever herself and wants to go too. ( The tiny dummy is not her thing...) She goes for the big branches and wood pieces - but I can't do both at the same time and video tape too...

BTW, congratulations are in order as Max was Best of Winners at an AKC show in Chehalis, WA on July 8. Several FCI teckels were entered at the show with the intention to educate the American judges.
Uta says: The other judge the day before preferred typical American Dachshund, but we had great time afterwards at the Pacific ocean were this little daredevil decided to swim voicing all the way through the heavy turf in pursuit of teasing seagulls. He scared me to death, since I did not know the undertow. And then when he finally returned he decided to chase the large kites people let fly at the beach, again furiously opening and running circles and figure eights with his head in the air. A kite crushed down, drilling in the sand just a few inches beside him.
Max has sired his first litter this year. For more information about his stud service contact Uta directly.


Lindsjö taxar said...

He look really hansome...what a guy that swimm so well. My dachshunds only go their belly in our little lake. I havent tried yet with Trym and Vilja.

Claire said...

Actually, the wire that won WD and BOW at the 1st show was from Russia.

We had so much fun at the water! There is nothing like swimming with your dog.