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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A 6.5-month-old dachshund Theo gets distracted by hot lines and Karl finds the wounded deer

No matter how talented, puppies have their limitations when it comes to tracking "real deer" in the real environment. They are just puppies; they have shorter attention span than adult dogs and they are prone to distractions. Darren's experience with Theo, who is just 6.5 months old has confirmed it.
He has reported that his dachshund Karl found another buck on Sunday. "It was a four hour old line without any blood after 40 yds. It was supposed to be a liver shot and the blood sign could have indicated that. I thought this one would be a good one for Theo. I started Theo but he couldn't stay with the right line. There were a lot of deer in here and Theo went hot. After two restarts I put him up and got Karl. After Karl settled down he tracked to the deer. The deer was still alive and the shot actually hit the deer broadside in front of the hips."


MTWaggin said...

In any training it is hard, when you have an "old pro" and a "new starter" to remember that the new kid is indeed just a kid! :)

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great job ...sad for the bad shoots ...but you have work to do then. Its not often it happens could happen with wild boars because they are so quick and difficult to shoot