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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jeff Bonner provides deer tracking services in the Texas Panhandle

Jeff Bonner from Pampa, TX is a wildlife biologist with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. He tracks in the Panhandle area, which is dominated by open sagebrush prairie traversed by some wooded draws and creeks. Jeff's biggest challenge is low humidity so he almost exclusively tracks at night or morning before light. He uses bluetick/walker hounds because of their tenacity, patience, endurance, friendliness, and excellent "cold nose".

Jeff Boner from Texas Panhandle
Annie's first recovery of 2012
Few months ago Jeff wrote to us:
I do wounded deer tracking on the side. Had a friend share your book with me a few years back and boy-howdy did I ever wish I'd had it 15 years ago. Sure would've saved some times of grief. I've been tracking commercially in my area for 4 hunting seasons, recently built a quick and cheap website, and stumbled across your Born To Track site while testing the Google search.

Well, now his website is something to be proud of. It has a lot of excellent information so make sure you visit it by clicking here.

Recently we heard from Jeff again: Here's my dog, Annie's, first find of 2012. Hit low with arrow, full pass through exited front of opposite shoulder near brisket. Missed heart and lung but cut artery and bled out. Went a little over 1/2 mile. Hunters should have found but buck had doubled back and they missed the turn. If you get time check out my website. Record so far this year: 5 calls, 3 tracked, 1 confirmed still alive, 1 recovered. 
Jeff Bonner


Cheri Faust said...

I went to Jeff's website as suggested - there's some good stuff there. By the time I went to email a friend about something I had read, I had forgotten Jeff's name. I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere on the website! I'd suggest Jeff include that somewhere :-)

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great job from Annie...

Lindsjö taxar said...

Do you have Jeffs email address? Would like to contact him otherwise give him mine

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

AFAIK, Jeff's last name is on the first page of the website under "Contact". At least it is there now.

Jeff's e-mail is