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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Young dachshund Tucker recovers three bears and two deer for New Hampshire hunters

Congratulations are in order to Ray and Pam Maurier whose Tucker was featured in the New Hampshire monthly Hawkeye Hunting and Fishing News. The article was about Tucker's first bear of the season.

Now we have to catch up with Tucker's deer recoveries.

On September 25 at 6 AM Ray and Pam Maurier met Matt at his hunting site where he showed them what had happened previous evening. He saw four deer, and he wanted to shoot the largest doe. She was out at 40 yards broad side. He felt the shot was back as he could see his luminock as she ran off. So he waited some time, and then checked for blood at the site. Then backed right out.

In Ray's words: "We put Tucker down on the track, and there was blood spread out every 10 to 15 yards. He took the trail right on in the lead. As we made our way Pam and Matt kept checking for blood letting us know that we where on the track. We found two places where the doe stopped a few seconds and took some hard turns. Tucker nailed them just as we trained. Then we found the first spot where she bedded down after 350 yards. As she left that bed we found good blood and he started to open up as he knew that deer was close. After 50 yards I thought that I could see another bed as he charged that spot. As I got closer to my surprise there was the deer covered up with leaves and small branches. My best guess is that a bobcat or a fishercat also wanted to claim this deer.. that's a first for us!!!! When we uncovered the doe we realized that she must have turned as the arrow was approaching her and the arrow got her in the butt cheek. So with that wound Tucker did an outstanding job. He's a gooood booooy : )"

The doe was covered with leaves and small branches.
Pam Maurier is holding Tucker, and Matt is showed with his doe. Ray Maurier in the second row.

Tucker recovered another deer on October 30 (the picture below):

As of few days ago Tucker had been on four bear tracks and seven deer tracks and recovered three bears and two deer. Ray and Pam have decided, and rightly so, to give Tucker a break as they don't want to burn him out. After all he is only 14 months old.

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