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Sunday, December 16, 2012

An Illinois monster buck recovered by Kevin Lutz and his tracking dachshund Arrchie.

Sorry for not posting for a week, but I had to take a break. Our hunting season will end on December 18 so we have two more days to go. After that, and especially after Christmas, I should have more time.

Let's start with a monster buck recovered by Kevin Lutz and his tracking dachshund Archie von Tierspur. Kevin is a United Blood Trackers member from Pennsylvania. Archie was bred by Genti and Beth Shero, and he was sired by our Billy.

Archie with the buck he recovered. Also in the picture Joe Wilson and a Hadley Creek Outfitters guide.
Kevin wrote: This year we had the opportunity to track for a friend who shot a good buck in Pike Co. Illinois.This friend of mine was hunting a lease that is surrounded on three sides by Hadley Creek, the largest outfitter in Illinois.The shot he made on this buck was high and the deer ran onto Hadley Creek's property so he had to obtain permission to track the deer the next morning. My friend Joe Wilson called me moments after the shot knowing that I was in Illinois hunting our lease only a few miles away. He was frantic about the situation and I tried to calm him down by asking him to text me a picture of any sign of blood. After looking at a picture of a good spot where there was a good amount of blood down, I told him I would like to bring Archie down the next morning. I thought he could help. It turned out to be an easy find, the deer only ran 150 yards.  I told my friend that I wish all hunters would do what he did - after making a bad hit he left the area until I could show up with Archie the next morning.

You can read the whole story at Lancaster Online.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Great job, like the look of Archie