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Friday, December 21, 2012

Andy Bensing's tracking analysis and feedback for the hunter

Andy Bensing likes to keep very thorough, detailed records of his deer tracking services, and this year he has added a new feature. We will let him explain what he actually does:
If I have time I like to get back to my hunters with a map and a short written summary of the day's events. This is a lot easier to do now that the season is winding down for me. Doing this personally adds to my enjoyment of the day's events and further builds the professional presentation of my services to the hunter. Quality presentation of a tracker's services before, during, and after the track builds reputation in your given tracking territory and therefore referrals for the future. Not to mention increasing the level of your tips!

Hi Sam and Vernon,
I enjoyed my time with you today. We were unable to recover the deer but you can rest assured that you have done everything possible. I think there is a good chance that he will recover. Let me know if he shows up anywhere, dead or alive! As we discussed, after putting everything we know together, I believe your muzzleloader hit him high in the shoulder blade and impacted on the long spinous processes that protrude above the vertebrae behind the shoulder blade. This would explain all the initial bone chips and all the crashing into trees he did in his initial run and why he was still so strong today when we chased him. To be honest, I don't have a good explanation of why the 530 meters of your initial blood trail was dark red blood as opposed to bright red. I hope he shows up on one of your cameras and we get to see for sure where he was hit. Enjoy the maps and call anytime
Hit site to your last blood (hunter's point of loss, POL)- 530 meters
POL to where we jumped the deer and trail went hot- 360 meters
Chased him live in front for 2 ½ hours- 7000 meters (4.4miles)
Total tracking time- 3 ½ hours

Andy Bensing
1411 Cross Keys Road
Reading, PA 19605

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