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Monday, December 3, 2012

Congratulations to Bob Yax and his dachshund Thor on their recent recoveries!

Bob Yax from Deer Search of the Finger Lakes and his almost eight-month-old puppy Thor (a Moose/Paika son) are a very busy tracking team this fall. These are the pictures of their latest recoveries. What a great first season they are having! Bob is a Pro as he used to track with Gusto, but Thor is just a puppy.

Bob Yax from Deer Search of Finger Lakes recovered 11th deer with his puppy Thor on December 2.
Bob wrote: See attached the tiny 8pt we found on Sunday (in Byron, Genesee County). Hunter hit it on Satuday evening, from the ground, 1/4 ing to him "right behind the  shoulder, about 1/2 way up and down with a 12 ga."  The deer dropped at the shot and stayed down for several minutes before he got up and ran. Before dark last night, the hunter and his brother tracked very little blood for 50 yds, and then did a grid search for 200yds. This AM (16 hrs after the hit) we found only a little blood at the hit site and then no other blood. Thor seemed to randomly search the grid search area and then a few hundred yards further. At that point he put his nose up and into the wind, coming from his right. He then started trotting in a straight line directly into the wind. After 100 yds, he broke out of the woods and into a winter wheat field. He continued in a straight line across the open field for another 100 yds towards a narrow hedgerow. When we reached the hedgerow, there was the dead buck. The shot was really to the intestines about midway up, quartering to the opposite back leg. There was no exit wound.
This was the first time he has air scented a deer from that distance - I learn something new on every track!

The above picture shows Bob Yax with Thor and the buck they recovered on November 25 in Honeoye Falls. The line was 16 hours old, 1500 yard long. It was a very exciting recovery as the buck was jumped and followed for a long distance.

The below pictures show Recovery #9 on November 22 in Avon, NY was pretty easy. Hunter didn't know where he hit it so he backed out last night after only tracking 20 yds with little blood. It ended up being a liver hit that bled for 100 yards and then there was no blood for another 100 yards. Thor found it in less than 10 minutes.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Thor is doing great, the same litter as Tarah I think. What success for them