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Friday, December 7, 2012

Tarah helps her owner find his own deer

This is such a great picture of Woody and Tarah! This time Tarah tracked Woody's own deer: On 12-4-2012 I was able to arrow this nice 10 point. I put Tarah on the track one hour later I made a good shot but the buck traveled 200 yards. Tarah  made it easy but it was a lot harder for me. The last 75 yards I had to crawl as the brush was so thick, I don't no how that big buck went through it. Tarah pulled me and she was barking all the way. She did a great job.


Lindsjö taxar said...

Great job from Tarah. Shes doing great and so young

MTWaggin said...

That photo is absolutlely PRICELESS!