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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trophy bucks recovered by dachshunds in Illinois and Iowa

Great two pictures from Raymond Holohan from Ashkum, IL. He wrote: "Here is a picture of Razen and Claudia with another recovery. The hunter was Mike Wise; we tracked for him last Monday, again this was on camera. The buck was shot with a 12 ga. slug in the front shoulder. They followed until the blood ran out, then gave us a call. Claudia put Razen on last blood and she trailed for at least 500 yards. finding only 1 drop of blood right before the buck got up and they made the killing shot. Claudia said that Mike said on camera that he intends to show other hunters just how useful a tracking dog really is. He was very happy and said they wouldn't have found that buck if it weren't for Razen and Claudia. Razen also recovered a nice 9 pointer last evening. Claudia has been doing most of the tracking lately since I hurt my back last week pulling a deer out with my son. I will send you another picture of the hunter holding these 2 record book bucks. It'ss pretty impressive.
Thanks Ray, Rosco, Claudia and Razen Kane"

This picture came from Brian Hibbs, a United Blood Trackers member from Iowa. Brian is holding Scout, who actually is a dam of Rzen kane from the top photo.


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Lindsjö taxar said...

What big bucks! Great job to find them