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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A perfect ending to a not-so-perfect year

Before we go back tomorrow to posts on blood tracking, I'd like to share some pictures taken on the last day of 2012  I saw a lot of deer tracks during my walk. They were especially heavy where John planted food plots, which now are buried under a very thick snow cover. Deer must be getting really hungry because they even munched on the junipers on our front lawn, not too far from the house. And it is only beginning of January! I really hope that this winter is not too tough on the wildlife.

This picture was taken by the pond, and all these tracks were left by the deer trying to get to winter wheat under the snow.
In another part of the field John planted some brassicas, and here you can see turnips dug up by deer.
A half-eaten frozen turnip must be hard as a stone.

The walk ended with a a beautiful sunset. It was a perfect ending to a not-so-perfect year.

I grew up in a big city (Warsaw, Poland), but now I could not imagine living without a constant and direct contact with nature. May your 2013 be nature rich too!


MTWaggin said...

Your deep snows are tough on the deer aren't they but they will survive. Nature does it best and your photos show it perfectly!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Wonderful pics...I´m glad that our snow is gone.
We are going out with Ayla and Trym tomorrow for hunting/training roes...but its much water in the forrst.