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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The UBT promotes the use of tracking dogs to recover wounded big game

A big Thank You to Joe Walters and Raymond Holohan for representing the UBT at the recent Gotcha Outdoors Adventure Show. Ray sent this short report:

 Here is a picture of our booth at the Gotcha Show this past weekend. We had many people stop by, full of questions wondering who we were and what we did, and what the UBT was about. We did our best to educate and enlighten them on the uses of tracking dogs. As always it was a lot of fun telling our tracking stories and letting them pet our dogs. I have to wonder, what the problem is in the states that don't allow it. It seems that the public is all for it, not a bad word against it. Tracking season will be ending here on the 20th, time to start thinking about next season.

That’s all for now Ray, Claudia, Rosco and Razen.


MTWaggin said...

I'm with them, I see no reason states wouldn't allow it! In fact many of those same states would allow you to coon hunt with your dog! Ah the wheels of government....

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great job....hope the information to everyone who hunts will be good