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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A walk down the memory lane: 54 Absolute wins in 22 years

A year ago I was cleaning up my office before its long overdue renovation. I went through 5-6 boxes of ribbons collected at field trials over the years and tried to sort them out. The ones that represent most prestigious  "Absolute Winner" title were aired and then reboxed. Maybe one day I'll have enough time to come up with an idea how to display them on one of the walls. I snapped this picture when they were hanging outside on the fence.

These ribbons, 54 of them, were collected by our dogs (dogs owned and handled by us) in the last 22 years. Of course, John has been breeding dachshunds since 1968, but we are not going to go that far into the past.

Below there is a list of the 19 dogs, all Field Champions, who won the Absolutes since 1991, in alphabetical order. I skipped all their titles but I marked the dogs that were imported by their country of origin. The dogs who have in their names "Moosbach", "Zuzelek" or "von Moosbach-Zuzelek" have been bred by us. This list does not include dogs that we have bred but they are owned by other field trialers - some of them have been extremely successful.

We usually do not post too much information about field trials on this blog because blood tracking is our primary interest and it is hard to keep up with just that. However, we have been attending field trials for many years, and some of our dogs have done really well.

FC and Can. Ch. Fausto de la Grande Fuataie, CG, JE
 March 20, 1990November 13, 2002
Fausto was bred by Mme Aline Lachiver from France,
and he was imported by Jolanta while she lived in Canada.
He is a great-great-great-great-great grandsire of Sky and Tuesday.  
Alfi Von Der Hardt-Hohe (Germany)
Billy Von Moosbach-Zuzelek
Darin Von Moosbach-Zuzelek
Elli Von Moosbach-Zuzelek
Falko V Moosbach-Zuzelek
Fausto De La Grande Futaie (France)
Gela Von Rauthenstein (Germany)
Gerte V Dornenfeld (Germany)
Gilda V Moosbach-Zuzelek
Zuzelek's Gold Digging Gita
Ida Von Moosbach-Zuzelek
Joeri Vom Nonnenschlag (Germany)
Keena Von Moosbach-Zuzelek
Zuzelek's Globetrotter
Mielikki Raptor (Czech Republic)
Nora Von Moosbach
Paika V Moosbach-Zuzelek
Sabina Von Moosbach-Zuzelek
Vamba Von Moosbach-Zuzelek


Claire said...

Wow! I am "eblouie" by all those ribbons! I didn't know that absolute ribbons are usually red, white and blue. I make mine different every time, but I love playing with color.

I know these aren't your most prized possessions or the most admired accomplishments of your dogs, but it's a lovely thing to see.



Stan said...

DAY-UM, That's AWESOME to see all those displayed like that. What a rich history you and your dogs have!

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Thank you Claire and Stan!

MTWaggin said...

You have so much to be proud of!