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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Si, a young Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound, is showing a lot of promise for blood tracking

Si, a young Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound, belongs to Art Powers, a UBT member from Alabama. Si was bred by Fred Zoeller from Cooperstown, NY; his sire is Tim Nichols' Bruno. 
Art writes: We went on 21 tracks and found 9 this season. We also jumped 3 other deer that we did not recover. The longest successful track was 800 yards and 17 hours old. We had two tracks of 1.28 miles and 1.2 miles when we jumped the deer. He did the best on the fresher tracks (6 hours or less), but we were able to track some that were 28 hours old. The old tracks were much more difficult. We found one that went 300 yards with no blood, only hair at the shot site. It was a fresh track. Overall, I think Si did real good.
I am going to work with him off lead this summer. Most of my tracks are in such thick cover, I am holding him back and it seems to distract him on the older tracks when we have to stop and start. I believe I can release him next year if we are not near roads and be more successful. Most trackers I talk with in the south say they have better luck tracking off lead.


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