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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pictures of dachshunds in the snow

Today (Sunday) we had a really nice day and dogs managed to get out and get some exercise. We still have a lot of snow, and it will be a while before we have bare ground. How different the beginning of this spring is from a year ago! Anyway, the picture above shows Mielikki running rabbits in our pen. Hopefully Mielikki is pregnant as she was bred to Sky two weeks ago.
I was going though some old pictures today and a couple of them caught my attention.  They both were taken a couple of years ago.

This picture shows Tommy plowing through the snow. It was taken in January 2011.

This is a lucky shot of Gilda shaking her head. I like the effect it created. Somebody made a comment on Facebook that the picture shows "brainstorm".
On the 27th, in three days, Gilda is going to be 11 years old. Happy Birthday Gilda!


MTWaggin said...

They really know how to show us the joy in the world!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great Pictures. Yes you have a lot of snow.
We normally dont have that much snow now but this year.....
Just now its snowing ....